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Over several decades, Ian Bennett built a reputation for creating stunning images, both in the studio and on Location.

Originally trained at the then Manchester College of Science & Technology (
later UMIST - Manchester University Institute of Science & Technology) and at Manchester Art College, Ian graduated in professional commercial photography and specialised in still life (product) studio photography.

Honing his craft working alongside brilliant set builders, lighting and camerawork specialists Bill Marshall, Les Goulden and Ted Taylor in leading studios, Ian built up his own reputation and his own style was soon in demand.
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Photographed for Saudi Aramco

As one of only a handful of people authorised to enter secure areas of refinery installations, desert pipelines and restricted access pumping stations, Ian carried out many assignments in SaudiArabia.
One image does not fit all uses!

Viewpoints and camera angles are dictated by subsequent use, be that for technical reports where accuracy is key, or general publications, annual reports and pR vehicles where style rules.
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Photographed in the Arabian Gulf for Saudi Aramco

Tensions were high in the Middle East in the years between the Iran-Iraq war and first Gulf War, Iran, Iraq, Kuwat and Saudi Arabia all having rigs and platforms within close proximity.
State owned Saudi Aramco needed documented surveillance so Ian's aerial photography experience was in demand.

Flying with ex-combat pilots from the UK and USA military, Ian was actually returning to Dhahran from an assignment when he encountered a long line of Saudi military vehicles being driven up to the Kuwaiti border - the following day war was announced.
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Photographed for the manufacturer, Lemazone Ltd

Manufactured in Leigh, a town in the North West of England, the Pulsar was visually similar to German sports cars and handbuilt to order.

The manufacturer wanted to replicate a Ford campaign for the Sierra, with a profile view on a black background and a front view, also shot on black but with a red glow in the background.
However, only one car could be made available and even then, only for the one day since it was being flown out to Malaysia the following day, the doors did not fit properly and the front bib was cracked!
Ian set the studio up in advance and for the front shot, overlit the cracked area of the bib to hide the crack.

In the side profile shot Ian overlit the trailing edge of the door to hide the poor door shut and angled the vehicle so that the number plate obscured the cracked bib.

Job done!
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Photographed for Link House Magazines

Unusual cars need unusual locations as this shot to illustrate a magazine test report shows.

Question: how did Ian get the car into such a confined space?
No car test report is complete without on-road driving impressions. Ian is an expert in car to car photography, conveying speed by keeping the subject car sharp while the background blurs.
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Photographed for Air Forces Monthly Magazine

As military forces were built up in advance of the Gulf War, Ian was the only visitor to the US forces base in Al Khobar allowed to take photographs, which resulted in this commission from Air Forces Monthly magazine.
Ian was allowed inside the hangars and personnel instructed to comply with his requests.
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Photographed to illustrate magazine features

Ian's action photography for magazines in the UK, America and the Middle East has included many aspects of motor sport, non-powered sports, aviation and even hovercraft racing.
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Photographed for Express Newspapers

An atmospheric image of a 1930's replica car photographed at Bunratty Castle, Ireland to illustrate a car tour feature.
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Photographed for Express Newspapers

When a newspaper runs a double page spread feature about a car tour, it needs images of the tour route as well as the vehicles.

This waterfall image shows Ian's technique when photographing water.
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When Ian taught weekend residential audio-visual and photography courses at the Lancashire College, one of his pupils was Cardinal Basil Hume, head of the Catholic church in England.

This image was shot with only window light and a reflector - no special backgrounds and no lighting.

When the Cardinal passed away, this image was chosen by the Catholic Church HQ to be used to illustrate his obituary with their quote "it is the best portrait of the Cardinal we have ever seen"
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Photographed for Oman Flour Mill, Sultanate of Oman

Responsible for three advertising photography studios in the Sultanate of Oman, Ian was commissioned to photograph a selection of Arabic style foods for a new brand of convenience products being launched by the flour mill.
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Photographed for stock

Ian's love of aviation has led to many images being created over the years for his own stock image library.

Red Arrows and Crunchie Circus display images have been two of the most published.
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Photographed for Saudi Aramco

Being able to imagine a different angle or treatment has long been one of Ian's strengths.

This image was created to illustrate a feature about Aramco's power distribution services to run in the Arabian Sun, an internal weekly newspaper.
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Photographed for Shanfari Automotive

Automotive has been a mainstay of Ian's work, this image of a Ferrari Testarossa photographed for the Ferrari importer on the helipad of the Al Bustan Palace in the Sultanate of Oman.
For several years Ian was the Motoring Correspondent for seven weekly newspapers in the Trinity Mirror portfolio. This image of the Jaguar S-Type was shot on the helipad (yes, another) of the Hotel du Paris in Biarritz at the time of its press launch
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Ranging from sunset desert landscapes photographed for oil companies and Middle East royal families, to cars photographed in the studio or on location for manufacturers, small products photographed for catalogues, and action sports photography, Ian's images display an in-depth technical knowledge allied to his trademark subtle lighting and camerawork.