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Prior to retirement Ian was a prolific writer published in many countries under his literary pseudonym of Vic Marelle, Ian wrote for countless magazines, corporate publications and narrative fiction. Throughout his writing career, away from corporate assignments Ian's specialities were automotive, aviation and travel.

For many years Ian was a regular contributor to the UK's foremost automotive magazines. He was a regular feature writer, for Link House titles including Custom Car, Cars & Car Conversions, Classic & Replicas, and Kitcars & Specials. Other specialist automotive credits include Kit Car, Which Kit?, Component Car, Auto Express, Motorsport News.

Travel writing credits include a number of airline in-flight publications including for Gulf Air, Saudi Arabian Airlines, British Midland and others. For Gulf Air, Ian was a regular feature writer for Golden Falcon and Falcon Messenger with a feature published every two months for close on four years.

Aviation titles include extensive in-depth features for Air Forces Monthly at the time of the first Gulf War, Sport Aviation in the USA and Popular Flying in the UK.

Not content just to put away his pen, on his retirement birthday Ian's police procedural novel Hot Blood was published, going on to become an Amazon best seller. In retirement, Ian continues to write, though no longer for financial return. These days he writes screenplays for OldManFilm's movies, helping to raise funds and awareness for local charities.