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Having commenced his career in the sixties, Ian worked with film before video had been invented.

Even in his school days he was making award winning amateur movies on 8mm film with synchronised sound on specially sprocketed open reel tape. Later, working with multiple 35mm slide projectors and mastering audio on open reel recorders he produced audio visual programmes for big name companies with up to 12 projectors all linked to audio on cassette.

8mm film was replaced by analogue video and Ian worked with the professional U-Format, mainly producing corporate training programmes including a complete series of films for Leyland Vehicles.

Later the digital revolution has seen Ian working with HD equipment to produce promotional shorts for royal families, Ferrari, Keating Supercars, Middle East industrialists and others.

Since retirement Ian has channelled his filmmaking experience into the not-for-profit OldManFilm initiative, creating films to raise funds and awareness for charities..

Films produced by OMF have been screened around the world and in the World Film Awards Ian received a Silver award for his direction of the feature movie Tariro.